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Exercise and Bronchial Inflammation: Working Out Through the Wheeze

Authored on June 6, 2012
Exercise and Bronchial Inflammation

Our bodies were meant to move; they actually crave exercise! But when bronchial inflammation strikes, its symptoms – wheezing, coughing, chest tightness and shortness of breath – can greatly inhibit your ability to enjoy the activities you love: walking, swimming, tennis, jogging, working out, and more.

Did you know? If you have a respiratory condition like asthma, you shouldn’t let it stop you from exercising for a healthier, happier life. It certainly doesn’t stop world-class athletes…did you know that 15% of participants at the last Olympics had asthma? If they can compete against the best athletes in the world, then you can certainly get started on a safe and effective exercise routine!

Exercise is actually beneficial for asthma sufferers, just as it is for anyone looking to improve their fitness and their health. In fact, a 2005 review of asthma and exercise studies in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology found that not only is exercise safe for asthma sufferers, it can significantly improve their cardiovascular fitness and quality of life.1 According to the studies, the more you exercise over time, the less likely you’ll be to suffer an asthma attack during exercise. Of course, before you begin any type of exercise program, be sure to have a thorough medical evaluation and consult your doctor first. Another effective way to help reduce the incidence of bronchial restriction during exercise is to take a supplement like Zivair, which is proven to safely relieve the symptoms associated with bronchial inflammation and constriction.

Zivair contains a blend of naturally-occurring ingredients with powerful anti-inflammatory, bronchodilator and expectorant properties to help open up bronchial passages–and help you breathe easier:

picture of lungs with bullet points

Used regularly, Zivair may help your body to inhibit bronchial inflammationand constriction due to allergens and irritants that trigger the body’s histamine response.

Follow these additional tips for an exercise routine that’s as safe as it is effective:

Bottom line: don’t let bronchial inflammation sideline your good health! Get started on a regular exercise program to help strengthen your cardiovascular system and increase your lung capacity, and use Zivair to help you breathe easier and stay active! Click here to qualify for your RISK-FREE 14-day trial of Zivair.

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Exercise & Bronchial Inflammation

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